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Name:Mordred of BBC's Merlin comm
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Community description:Mordred from the BBC show Merlin.

Welcome to [community profile] bbcmordred! This is a community for fans of Mordred from the BBC series Merlin as depicted by actors Asa Butterfield and Alexander Vlahos.

All fanworks and recs welcome. Fanworks posted at any site, including but not limited to Dreamwidth, Livejournal, AO3, and can be advertised here. Non-fanwork posts such as discussions that are relevant to Mordred are also welcome!

Please warn for spoilers from recent and upcoming episodes, and make sure the spoilery content is hidden behind a cut.

We have a RSS feed on Livejournal, which means you can subscribe to have our entries appear on your LJ friend list. Although you can comment on the LJ entry, it is unlikely the creator will see that comment, so we strongly recommend you follow the DW link and comment there. We will be keeping an eye on the feed to moderate this. Feed: [ profile] bbcmordred_dw.

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